Queries are an approach that Friends use to guide self-examination, using them not as an outward set of rules but as a framework within which we assess our convictions and examine, clarify, and consider prayerfully the direction of our lives and the life of our spiritual community. Queries from the Faith & Practice published by the Philadelphia Yearly Meeting are available at http://www.pym.org/faith-and-practice/queries/.

Queries are arranged with a set for the Meeting and a set printed in italics for the individual.

  1. Meeting for Worship
  2. Meeting for Business
  3. Spiritual Nurture, Ministry, and Religious Education
  4. Care for the Meeting Community
  5. Education
  6. Equality
  7. Social Responsibility and Witness
  8. Peace
  9. Ministry of Outreach
  10. Stewardship of the Environment
  11. Stewardship of Resources
  12. Integrity and Simplicity